Multiple Intelligence In Nursing

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Gardner’s effort on multiple intelligences from past two decades has been quite significant. It was identified that intelligence is basically the ability for solving issues that are actually valued with in the cultural practice. According to Meunier (2003), when adults are able to learn from their lives from multiple intelligence models, they are able to find liberation in inspecting potentials which were never developed or highlighted. Programs for self-development from hobbies, programs and courses can mainly re-integrate the native intelligences of an individual in a way that can be satisfying from personal perspective. Discussion When it comes to multiple intelligence types and factors involved in clinical practices, we often realize…show more content…
Thus, critical thinking is something that is self-regulatory and purposeful judgment, a reflective, reasoning an interactive method for making judgment regarding what to do or believe in. from nursing perspective, critical thinking is the cognitive engine which drives the critical judgment and knowledge development in nursing (Meunier, 2003). The experimental model for reflective decision making is mainly grounded and matched from holistic clinical contexts and holistic patient centered care where it is delivered. This needs nurses to apply wide range of practical, observational, emotional and interpersonal skills, that is not restricted to scientific research and theory whereas applicable to patient care. Such holistic observation of reflective decision making is often supported from multiple intelligence theory (Gardner, 1987), that mainly identified spatial-visual, linguistic, logical-mathematical, intrapersonal and interpersonal forms, bodily-kinesthetic and musical-auditory intelligence forms completing wide range of skills. Nursing is basically an occupation that has various diverse type of intelligence that can be practiced and applied. Various nurses have more than one. Let’s consider three major Intelligence types that are useful for a…show more content…
It is very useful for nursing, providing documentation and communication amount needed. In order to be successful, majority of the nurses requires this skill. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence (Number or Reasoning Smart): working with computers, unit budgets and medication dosages, all such activities needs this type of intelligence. Nurses that have logical mathematical intelligence may work with computers in considering an area of management and information programming related to financial issues. Spatial Intelligence (Picture Smart): Nurses using Machinery like Hoyer lifts, design and asking patient rooms for safety along with performing other task needs equipment that can be possible if nurse possess spatial intelligence. Intrapersonal Intelligence (Self Smart): individuals having intrapersonal intelligence are able to judge themselves well. This is basically helpful for psych nurses. Nurse adopting these skills are aware of what is good and what is not under clinical practice.
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