Multiple Intelligence Theory Advantages And Disadvantages

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Multiple Intelligene
Multiple Intelligence theory suggest that a wide variety of music, co-operate learning, art activities, role play, multimedia, field trips and inner reflection need to be presented by the teacher in the lessons so that opportunities are created for all young learners to acquire language harmoniously using their unique minds through feeling, imagination, body and positive expectations. “We do not see in our descriptions [of classroom activity] … much opportunity for students to become engaged with knowledge so as to employ their full range of intellectual abilities. And one wonders about the meaningfulness of whatever is acquired by students who sit listening or performing relatively repetitive exercises,
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The first advantage is that comprehensible input is based on the principle of suggestion and de-suggestion. Some ways of lowering the students affective filter is through adopting a new name, activities allowing students to get to know each as well as a comfortable environment that make the young learners relax.
2. The second advantage is the authority concept where young learners are more inclined to listen and remember when the information that is presented comes from an authoritative source, that being the teacher.
3. The third advantage is the peripheral learning where information is placed on walls around the classroom with no attention being paid to them by the teacher. This encourages young learners to take responsibility and independently apply the language as well as encourage experimental learning.
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The third disadvantage is the classroom is laid out in a child like manner “infantilization learning”. Older students might take offence as they believe that they are mature.

The English Teacher
Lozanov said that teachers needed training in the Suggestopaedia method. The profile of a Suggestopaedia teacher should show absolute confidence in the method with modest enthusiasm. They would need to organize properly and the initial stages of the process, needs to be strictly observed. Their conduct toward dress and manners needs to be meticulous and maintain a solemn attitude to the lesson. Tests need to be given and tactful feedback given back.

Is it possible to use all the aspects of the original Suggestopaedia method (holistical outlook) – the art of suggestion or would only aspects thereof work with very young or young learners? Suggestopaedia like all other methods not only have benefits but also weaknesses. Firstly, it is a fact that there is no one perfect approach and we must keep in mind that effective teaching and learning comes from deliberate selections of materials, methods and approaches. Keep in mind that Suggestopaedia has provided valuable understanding into the power of cognition and the use of different techniques creates a safe, relaxed, comfortable and suggestible environment for language acquisition. The findings suggest that it is at the discretion of the teacher and their circumstances whether the method in its entirety or aspects thereof

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