Classroom Needs Analysis

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In every classroom there will be a variety of capabilities, needs and factors that must be addressed when teaching a classroom full of students. As educators is important for us to take time to properly prepare an effective lesson for the class. When dealing with multiple levels of needs this may be difficult because there will be numerous moving factors but the preparation and accommodations must be set. It is my personal philosophy that all children can learn and have the capability of grasping a level of knowledge whether it be a verbal or nonverbal display. The Class Profile depicts different levels of medical needs and language abilities that effect the way a student would receive knowledge being taught. With accommodations, students will…show more content…
The needs of this group consist of having a breakdown of the lesson that includes hands-on adaptation of the lesson for all students with medical conditions that impair their processing of information. Other needs include audio for the visually impaired and visuals for English language learners and hearing impaired. At home interventions can help all students practice and build upon what they learned in the classroom and produce even greater connections in the minds of the students. All students in this Class Profile should begiven the equal opportunity to learn without prejudicial judgement but rather compassion and willingness to take their knowledge to the next level. Educators have the duty to justly serve these children in a way that only elevates them to accomplish tasks inside and outside the…show more content…
An educator’s mindset should always be to think about the different levels of abilities of the children and how to get them to personally grasp what is being taught based on their learning needs. The lesson activities from the Germ/Health lesson was straight forward and clear. The students are to draw a picture of what they think a germ looks like to create a monster so they can share with the class. Then they will write a sentence of how to catch germs based on their understanding of the teacher’s definition and the book that was read aloud. In the Class Profile there is a student that is visually impaired and another that has hearing aids. The visually impaired student is Diana. She may just have or need glasses and should be accommodated by sitting as close to the book as possible to be able to see the pictures. If it is a more severe impediment, an audio version of the book or its main topics can be shown. For the student with hearing aid who is De’Janae, it may be best to have that student closer to the book so read the lips of the teacher and focus on hearing with less distraction from student’s voices. A video version may also be necessary to showcase more pictures for connections to the lesson for understanding. These visuals of germs or scenarios on how to catch them as examples can also be best for the four students that are English Language Learners. Germ may be a word that is
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