Multiple Literary Devices In Short Story: Jesus Shaves By David Sedaris

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David Sedaris’s short story entitled “Jesus Shaves” is a very interesting tale of a man and his fellow classmates in a French class trying to learn about important holidays. Sedaris uses multiple literary devices in his short story that drives the point towards learning about what Easter really stands for. In the early part of the story the teacher of the French class states, “And what does one do Easter? Would anyone like to tell us?” (435). This quickly deboogles the minds of the students in the classroom and unravels their thoughts to grasp for an answer. The author uses plot devices and a common setting, along with inputs from other characters, to create a story both argumentative and fulfilling, while oftenly restating the theme that faith is viewed differently by many. The story begins in exposition by starting off with a question form the teacher. This…show more content…
The classroom environment is like that of any other regular and normal classroom environment, in that the teacher is having an open discussion with her students over holidays and she expects the students to participate and answer willingly. This environment opens up the story to a variety of opportunities for every character mentioned to have an opportunity to speak their minds. This helps in building the story because it allows insight for different people of different backgrounds to input wat they believe Easter is really about. The reader gets an early glimpse of what the setting might began to look like when the American man notes, “It was my second month of French class...Printed in our textbooks was a list of major holidays…Questions were answered on a volunteer basis and I was able to sit back, confident that the same students would do the talking” (434). This gives the reader something to go off of as far as what type of classroom setting the story takes place
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