Multiple Myeloma Informative Speech Outline

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How would you feel if you are suffering from an incurable cancer and the only medication that could help you survive a few more years can cost you more than a 100 thousand dollar car? A. Today there are 125,000 people suffering from Multiple Myeloma. The third most common blood cancer in the United States. -To date there is no cure for this disease. B. Multiple Myeloma affects people all over the world from different age groups and ethnicity’s. I have researched about this type of cancer in order to inform you better about the diseases that are making an impact in the world today. C. There are only 5 medications that can slow the progression of this disease to date. Once these medications have been used and have failed in slowing or stopping the disease the…show more content…
According to the U.S National Library of Medicine, Multiple Myeloma is plasma cancer which originates in the white blood cells and these cells are part of our immune system. 1. Multiple Myeloma is more common in older people and African American men. 2. It is an incurable cancer that occurs when malignant cells grow out of control in the bone marrow. B. The American cancer society says that there is no proven cause to why Multiple Myeloma happens. 1. But researchers are looking for information to understand what leads the DNA to cause the plasma cell to become cancerous. 2. Several studies show that it’s hard to know why Multiple Myeloma develops in certain people therefore it’s hard to know how to prevent it. C. The current first line treatment options available for Multiple Myeloma are chemotherapy drugs known as Velcade, Revlimid, Thalomid, Pomalyst and Kyprolis. 1.These medications can cause the cancer to go into what is known as remission basically the cancer becomes undetectable in the blood. 2.Not everyone is as lucky and the cancer becomes Relapsed Myeloma which means that the cancer has returned. Now that we see what causes Multiple Myeloma, we will look at what can be done about
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