Multiple Personality Disorder In Tell Me Your Dreams By Sidney Sheldon

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The novel Tell me your dreams by Sidney Sheldon was very interesting because it is a psychological novel and have many psychological aspects discussed by the writer of the novel. The writer of this novel has described the background and history of the main character and describes the Multiple Personality Disorder and the effect of it upon Ashley Patterson. The objective approach has been used. She was subjected to Multiple Personality Disorder because of the following reasons. Firstly she told that she was raped and sexually abused by her father at every night at a very young age. She most of the time told to her mother about his father’s act but her mother was not ready to accept or believe in her. So she never talked about it again. Secondly, she told that she fears that someone was behind her or someone was following her, so she lost her job, her time and she decided to suicide or at the end she became a murderer.
Literature Review:
Most of the researches and psychiatrist have done work on the patients who were subjected to Multiple personality disorder. Sigmund Freud has done the major work on Theory of Personality, and then certain Austrian neurologists had emerged different results of Multiple Personality Disorder. Afterword’s, the rulers that had discovered by Babinski and Charcot, their first point is that MPD, such as hysteron epilepsy is created by therapists.
Dissociative personality disorder also known as and characterized as the existence of an

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