Multiple Perspectives In The Poisonwood Bible

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Bhanu Oruganty
Miss Given
World Literature 11
5 February 2018
Response 3 The concept The Poisonwood Bible is trying to bring to recognition is that there are always multiple perspectives to any story. The usage of several narrators allows one to see the same story from different points of views that all differ. It also displays how storytelling is a reflection of a person’s experiences and lives, because one’s experiences shape their perspectives or biases. For example, Adah’s more analytical perspective allows her to analyze situations life presents to her in a deeper level such as her ideas on the circle of life and Africa. This perspective allows her to be successful in her career field as well. Contrary to this, Rachael’s cocky and shallow perspective does not allow her to analyze situations from a deep perspective. For example, she is always thinking short term, such as when she brags about how she had several husbands. Her attitude, does allow her to be successful in her business. It does nothing to better her character, though, causing her to be the most uneducated and naive of the three. The usage of multiple narrators could symbolize the fact that the situation in the Congo also has multiple perspectives and is a complicated web, as life is. The first and last chapters are extremely similar, the first being Orleanna’s perspective, and the second as Ruth May’s. In the first chapter, Orleanna speaks to Ruth May, apologizing furiously, and begging for forgiveness.
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