Multiple Roles Of Men And Women In Today's Society

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Today, I feel that male and females have multiple roles that can be interchangeable. The things that separate men and women are DNA and their biological anatomy. I feel that in today’s society there isn’t a specific way a man or a woman should appear. Their physical appearance should be whatever that individual likes. As for functioning and societal roles, I feel those are some of the interchangeable areas previously mentioned. I feel there is no one role that is specifically for a woman or specifically for a man. As for relationship participation, I feel the roles are equal, everyone should put into a relationship the same things you want out of a relationship. One of the aspects I use to believe was different was parenting roles. I use to feel that as women we were generally the more natural nurturer, and men played more of a protecting role. However, I feel that has changed. For example, since there are so many children growing up in single parent homes, both men and women are forced to be both mom and dad, nurturer and protector. This is just one example of the different aspects that once seemed to be more separate, but now similar and shared.
I was raised with a very traditional idea of gender roles. Growing up I watched my father work, and my mother was a stay at home mom. At an early age, this gave me the idea that men work and women take care of the children and house hold matters. Taking care of the children included but were not limited to, doctor’s
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