Multiple Sclerosis Lab Report

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Finding An Answer To Your Health Concerns: Diagnosing Multiple Sclerosis
A correct diagnosis of multiple sclerosis is attempted by taking a close-up look at the nerve cell tissues in the brain and spinal cord. The answers to developing health concerns like speech impairments, blurred vision and severe fatigue are often found in testing procedures such as these:

Measuring the Water Content In Tissues

An MRI is a tool that is used to examine different concerns in the body, including a disease called multiple sclerosis. This non-invasive action can get an image of the spinal cord, brain or other parts of the body.

The MRI analyzes the water content in tissues. A fatty layer called myelin protects the nerve cell fibers by repelling water. The tissues hold more water if the protective myelin is damaged. This shows up on a scan as a white or darkened area, and it can be used to evaluate multiple sclerosis.
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It 's like putting together puzzle pieces with each part required to show the final picture.

Because the tissues in the brain and spine are bathed in special fluid,a lumbar puncture procedure is used to extract fluid from the spinal area. This test looks for higher amounts of the presence of certain proteins that allow the immune system to stage attacks on itself. This may be a vital test.

Eliminating Other Disease With A Blood Test

While testing the blood alone does not bring a positive answer for this health problem, it does rule out other diseases that may produce similar symptoms, such as;

cancer vitamin and mineral difiencies lupus erythematosis other infections rare hereditary disorders

Measuring Brain

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