Multiple Themes In April Henry's Girl Stolen

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Girl Stolen by April Henry is about a girl named Cheyenne Wilder, that was sleeping in the car. After a minutes before Cheyenne realized that the car is being stolen along with her. Griffin only wanted the car, not Cheyenne. But when Griffin’s dad finds out that Cheyenne is from a wealthy family and her parents will do anything to get her back. Then everything changes. Now there was a reason to keep Cheyenne with them. But the biggest problem was that Cheyenne was blind.
This companion guide is going to be about the book, Girl Stolen. There were multiple themes in this book but the one that stood out the most was never give.Then, you are going to learn about being blind. How your life is different without your vision. Last but not least, you will find out about kidnapping. Can imagine being Cheyenne who got kidnapped and was blind?

Theme-Never give up In the book Girl Stolen, by April Henry the theme that stood out the most was never give up. Cheyenne never gave up when she got kidnapped. she kept on trying to get out.
An example of this occurs when the
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In the book, it states, “Because, for the last three years, Cheyenne had been blind.”(Henry 3) Cheyenne wasn’t born blind, she got blind. There is a difference between being born blind than getting blind. Being born blind it is normal to you but if you get blind as an adult, it’s weird at the beginning. You will feel that you are missing on things. Going blind is harder than being born blind. Less older you are it feels much normal to you. Some blind people are different from other blind people because they see differently. They either legally blind or completely blind. If you are legally blind you can still see but just not clearly. According to WebMD, “If you’re completely blind, you can’t see any light or form. Only about 15% of people can see nothing at
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