Multiracial Growth In America

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The increase in Americans dating outside of their racial groups has caused an increase in the American multiracial population. According to the 2010 census brief, the population reporting multiple races, 9.0 million grew by 32 percent from the year 2000 to 2010, compared to those who reported a single race that grew by 9.2%. Nevertheless, the significant group with the most change since 2000; 1.8 million Black and White accounts for the largest multiracial population in America. White races combined with other races accounted for approximately 2.5 million biracial citizens. (Census Bureau 2012) According to Pew research center, 6.9 percent of American ages 18 or older have a multiracial background, in the adult multiracial population women…show more content…
Enriched has a gloss cover, the title has a baby blue color, the font is Lucida handwriting, printed monthly. Monthly editions will include real photos, images, and stories. The magazine includes advertisings, crossword puzzles, DYI section, and articles about health, education, and professional psychological reviews. Encircled, will “remain contemporary by continuing to provide value, and when it comes to trust consumers will assist in making Enriched become a well-established media brand”.(Tungate, M pg. 86.2006). Other magazines, such as Mixed Folks is an online magazine, with a variety of links to a numerous amount of interracial websites, and features a social network. AMWW magazine is located on Facebook, and promotes interracial dating for Asians and White males. Nevertheless, Ebony and Ivory primary focus is on Hollywood interracial relationships. In addition, magazines with biracial children or women, tend to focus on beauty and appeal. However, the focal point of Enriched is to promote awareness and support an increasing population, the multiracial…show more content…
One newsstand will be located in the vicinity of Tennessee, Alabama, Chicago, and Washington, DC. Enriched, will be advertised in 4 college and University newspapers. According to Nationwide Newspapers Advertising, over 95 percent of college students have access to the web. The chosen college newspapers; Auburn University, University of Illinois, University of Pittsburgh, and Georgetown University. In addition, MBI (Media Brokers International) will assist with my advertising strategy through 4 particular chosen magazines. The magazines are; American baby, Family Fun, Newsweek, and Men’s Journal. The chosen advertising magazines are family oriented, nevertheless, Men’s Journal will target the male audience. Additionally, the ads are quarter page or smaller, this will help control the cost of my marketing

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