Value Of Multisensory Teaching

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The inadequate support from the school and the local community is a major problem (Avramidis & Kalyva, 2007). There is lack of consensus (Nicolson, 1996), given that parents and schools do not deal with dyslexia in a serious way and they do not know enough about this condition (Department of Education,2004; Leij et al, 2001). Therefore, it would be crucial to have the continuous encouragement from the school principal and the school counselors. They should have the determination to work hard to claim funding from governmental and other resources. The existing infrastructure and the financial resources are highly insufficient in Greece. The limited amount of researches in Greece sheds light to the total lack of support services within the…show more content…
Among the empirical studies there is obvious promotion of the value of structured language teaching for children with dyslexia where all senses are implicated (Bryson, 2013). The primary focus on multisensory teaching was 75 years ago, when specialists in the field of SEN, underlined the significance of multisensory methods and proposed their use. Nowadays, there is a growing body of evidence supporting multisensory teaching, but its efficacy has yet to be given scientific scrutiny (Dyslexia help, online). The children have the benefit of learning by using simultaneously many paths; visual, auditory and kinesthetic-tactile and articulator-motor components to improve memory and learning. Multisensory approach is a structured, sequential, efficient and logical technique, highly successful in retraining brain pathways for reading that seems to help students of all ages, skills and learning problems (International Dyslexia Association, 2000) . The use of the kinesthetic-tactile element has a great function, as it assists the theoretical learning and the learning tempo gets more fast. Usually, there is a principal of remedial and preventive intervention and all stated positive outcomes in the educational progress credited their achievement to the use of kinesthetic approach (Dyslexia-breaking the barriers to learning,…show more content…
However, the current research through the cognitive and the neurological sciences no longer doubts the method and does provide great support for the multisensory approaches. Neuroscience shows that children with poor phonological processing demonstrate reduced cerebral blood flow in the left frontal and temporal cortices and activation of language areas typically occupied in reading. This shows the need for the creation of substitute routes for word recognition with sensorimotor pathways (Dyslexia-breaking the barriers to learning, online). According several researches the Wernicke’s and Broca’ s areas function separately. A multisensory way is necessary to motivate these areas to work concurrently (A framework for understanding dyslexia, 2004). A study conducted in Greece claims that the use of a multisensory method seemed to be more useful than the conventional methods for teaching spelling (Mavrommati & Miles, 2002). Also, several studies from valuable researchers support the significance of the training within a well-structured and stable approach to reading, which promotes autonomous reading and enhances self-esteem. Neuroscience suggests that the people with dyslexia can modify their brain and
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