Multitasking: A Poor Study Habit

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Noelle Albert wrote an essay called, “Multitasking: A Poor Study Habit”. Noelle is insisting to readers to stop multitasking while studying. Her main idea of this essay is to inform the reader of poor study habits, and why they should not tend to multiple things at once, while studying. The thesis is stated clearly in the last sentence in the first paragraph. “Multitasking between studies and recreational technology is not an effective way to study” (231) . Noelle gives reason and evidence to support her claims, throughout the entire essay. It will take you more time to switch from one task to another, than just following through. Firstly, supporting her main idea with a finding from professor David Meyer, at the University of Michigan, found that when you switch to a new task, parts of the brain that are no longer being used “start shutting things down-like neural…show more content…
Reading this essay Noelle is consistent to the end. She gives reasons, supporting evidence, and a claim. With so many distractions, everywhere around you, its' hard not to pick up the remote, your laptop, and your cell phone. Especially when you're at home it seems convenient, but the slightest thing can break your concentration, and studying has now become less effective. “Students sometimes just cram the material instead of understanding the concepts thus affecting long term understanding of concepts” (Kumar). Another reason studying is inefficient is procrastination. When you procrastinate you’re not retaining much information needed to study. You don’t leave yourself much time to study, A survey conducted at Rajdhani Colleges shows, “Decline in average time spent by a college student in self study per week… majority of students spend less than 10 hours per week for self study” (Kumar). Just simply choosing the wrong environment impacts your studying abilities. In closing, stress is in your everyday life you can’t avoid
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