Multitasking Advantages

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Is multitasking advantageous to students?
I have researched about the ways of thinking, memorizing, learning and behaving. They are really complex procedures and interrelated with our daily life. Loads of examples could be provided to support the theories owing to facilitating learning efficiency.

Thinking every day but we have been thinking unconsciously most of the time. The subconscious process is an attractive theory to explore. With reference to the viewpoint of Travis and Wade (Travis & Wade, 2012), ‘subconscious processes exist not included in the awareness but is still be able to bring into consciousness in essential situation; this concept proofs multitasking exist in our life, nevertheless, we could only deal with one task effectively
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While I am answering questions from a group of students as a teaching assistant, I am usually not able to multitask, that I cannot tackle all problems from students at the same time. Handling various missions at the same time makes me feel stressful and causes errors, therefore, I could answer them one by one only. This reflects attention-consuming tasks do not be able to be easily dealt with simultaneously because multitasking weakens memory and attention. On the contrary, we could watch TV and knit scarfs at the same time since knitting is treated as an automatic task when we get use of…show more content…
There is a case study that may explain this relationship. Many students used to attend lectures and tutorials with notebook or tablet. I would like to find out whether dividing attention on both lecturers and devices at the same time influences the learning results.

A research was conducted by Gay and Hembrooke measuring the impacts of multitasking in learning progress (Gay & Hembrooke, 2003). 50 percent of the students were assigned as a control, who were studying with a laptop. In contrast, another 50 percent was arranged to utilize the laptop in the lecture. I originally think that students could study more effectively as they can explore external materials online with laptop. But, the result shows that people opening laptop learnt less effectively than those closing laptop.

It is illustrated that, while encoding, sensory information is filtered to the short term memory, especially while overload information is input. Only small parts of information is chosen, less effective learning performance of students who open laptops leads to the selective

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