Multitasking In Schools

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Society now relies on our media devices whether were at home, in school or even at work. Annie Murphy Paul describes to us how our society is brainwashed in using our media devices and how it distracts us while we are multitasking. Professor Rosen who studies psychology, calculated the daily tasks that student were doing as they studied for school. As it appeared for the student studying it did not last long. These students simply got easily distracted and would respond to a text, or check on Facebook feeds. As an end result only sixty five percent of the students spent time doing their homework. Professor Rosen herself says that it’s scary how none could manage to study straight through without getting distracted by their media devices. Now even…show more content…
This study was conducted by Victoria Rideout. What’s concerning though is the fact that kids are multitasking while learning with their media devices. If they were multitasking while doing other things such as watching TV, than that wouldn’t be an issue. Technology overall is very hard to stay away from even during school. Many instructors are using the internet for online homework, communication between the students, and even to have students interact with each other on projects. Since these devices have been introduced into classrooms, it has made a huge distraction towards the students who are trying to stay focused for their school work. In a study involving spy ware, professor Kravshaar and professor Novak took note that about forty two percent of the times throughout students studying hours, non-course related activites were involved. The students were also aware that they were being recorded and still continued to stay off topic. According to Professor Rosen, texting, emailing, and
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