Multitasking: Positive And Negative Effects

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Multitasking has positives and negatives, never the less, it has far more unfavorable effects than beneficial effects. Multitasking can affect the cognitive and how well you do in school. Yes, multitasking does have a few positives, but they are not as positive as professionals make them sound. All around multitasking is a negative in contrast to positive. Multitasking can have a positive effect on the way people think and the way people processes information, but multitasking has a countless amount of negatives. Different negatives of multitasking can relate to school outcomes or the way your mind grows and develops. When someone think of multitasking they think of someone doing homework while listening to music, watching TV, or even watching a you tube video. Rebecca Hill states, “Because teen brains are still developing-and will continue to develop until age twenty-five- I feel sure that all this multitasking must make a difference.” There is a concern that is greater for teen multitasking. This is because young minds are still progressing to their full potential (Aratani). Lori Aratani claims, “Meyer says that part of the brains [is] less active when someone is multitasking, it could be especially…show more content…
Even if someone gets good grades in school, if they multitask the grades could come up by a good amount (Aratani). Some people’s “multitasking was significant related to low GPA and to an increase in [behaviors] including use of alcohol and other drugs” (Weimer). Students spend about thirty-five percent of fifteen minutes doing something other than what they planned to be doing. That is only about sixty-five of the fifteen minutes actually studying (Paul). When someone multitasks they do not pay attention to what they are doing as much that someone that does not multitask does (Weimer). When students multitask some say that they feel more productive but the truth is they aren’t

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