Multitasking's Positive Effects On Time Management

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As the information age has come, people are getting more and more chances to do the multitude of things at once. The advent of new technology such as SNS or smartphone makes humans not be able to focus on one thing. Some say that multitasking had a positive effect on time management and ability to accomplish more in limited time. However, most people are concerned about the reality that multitasking actually decreases the degree of concentration for people. Especially for growing students, putting attention for a long time is getting much harder with these numerous distractions. What they are really doing when they think they are multitasking is switching their attention from a single task to another single task; the human brain is simply not…show more content…
The first one is when at least one of the tasks is totally automatic-requires little or no conscious thought. Singing and playing the piano at the same time is one of the examples. That multitasking is usually efficient and people even don’t realize they’re multitasking. The next type is the conversion of works. For instance, the students do their homework while checking emails and answering phone calls from their friends. Most actions of multitasking come under this type. The third one is when people get distracted by something totally different from what they are doing. “What we 're often calling multitasking is, in fact, internet addiction,” claims Shelley Carson, the author of Your Creative Brain. They just check their Facebook message or watching the television in the middle of doing homework because they can’t focus on a single task. Because many people believe multitasking is required ability to keep pace with rapid changes in modern trends, even though those kinds are originally different from each other, recent society tends to blur the distinctions between them. Particularly for students, they believe they are multitasking

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