Multnomah Falls: A Short Story

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I walked across the bridge and felt the warm moisture in the air. It was coming from the waterfall. There were many tourists there. The water crashing down on the pocket of water and the noise from the people were very loud. I looked to my left. It was the famous waterfall, Multnomah Falls. I looked to my right and surveyed what was there.
Close to the pocket of water was a crowd of many people. There was about 300 people there. It was a crowd full of cameras, phones, and many other devices that could record. "What?" I thought," Why is there a crowd?” I surveyed what was around me. Something caught the corner of my eye. It was a huge green and yellow poster. I turned to examine this weird poster. In big bold print, it said “Performance by Tiffany
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It came down and perched on a ledge not too far from the end of the bridge. Suddenly, I heard a voice inside my head. “Tiffany, I am Capri, a messenger from Zeus. I have come to tell you to use your wings to get out of the situation you are currently in.” “What?” I said “I don’t have any wings.” The eagle replied, “Here are some wings.” I felt a sudden surge through my body. I felt even more tingling on my back. I looked at my back. I had wings. They’re invisible, but there was a border around the wings, so I could see it. I looked at the time. It was 10:28 A.M. I tried to figure out how to work out the wings, but I learned them very quickly. The eagle had used The Mist, which is a magical mist which can blur things to the human eye, so I could fly away without any suspicions. “Goodbye,” said Capri, “I will see you again. Those wings will last until 10:35 A.M.”
I flew all the way to my room. It took a few minutes. After a few minutes of settling down, my mom came in. She claimed that she was just checking in on me. When she closed the door, I saw a slight vision of Capri. After a couple of hours of playing, I decided to look up what the tightrope walking was
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