Mumbai Movie Poverty Essay

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a) Poverty
The movie was taken in one of the state in India, which is Mumbai. Basically, in this movie Mumbai have been demonstrated as one of the worst poverty city in the India. The three main character which also known as three Muskeeter, Two brothers, Jamal and Salim by a neighborhood girl named Latika. Three of them were raised in slums of Mumbai. Where in one scene you can see the children play cricket on airport runways, rummage through garbage heap. They witness their mother and other Moslem neighbors killed by a mob of enraged Hindus, are enslaved by the most ruthless of local opportunists.Danny Boyle is showing the moral consequences of poverty to people in India especially to the slum. The movie begin where the police takes Jamal
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He is suspect that Jamal is cheating because he too has the mentality or stereotype that Jamal is a village boy and poor. The host went to the wash room with Jamal and writes wrong answer on the mirror for the 20 Million rupee question, he wants Jamal to loss the contest and go back from where he is, but Jamal chooses the other answer and he becomes a millionaire. This can be seen in one scene in the movie where the anchor will tell, “ bloody, village boy”, (Danny Boyle, 2008)Whereas Jamal proved them all wrong when he answered every question Jamal was actually. Thus he has to face hard times due to the social and economic exclusion. Danny Boyle choose the title ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ as the movies name because the movie shows a contrast symbolic meaning of the content of the movie and to move up the class system. He is filming the real condition in India, because Bombay is one of the biggest slum area in the world. For example Although he becomes a millionaire, he is still seen as on of the Mumbai’s slums, and one of the scenes in the movie shows how the upper class rejects someone like Jamal whom from a slum to be one of the Highbrow Maman in the movie. Maman is a gangster, whom kidnap all the slum children and make them to
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