Rise And Fall Of Tides Essay

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Tides of time as well as history of the Mumbai Port have been developing and the growth was very steady. Hence, Mumbai Port grew into an island from a small fishing village and in due course, it has developed into a premier center of trade as well as commerce. The role of the development of the port played a very vital role for the whole city as well as the areas surrounding. The ship building activities flourished and through the worldwide, the ships built by them sailed. Along with these, the rise and fall of tide is something, which is very important for fishing occupation. The rise as well as fall of the levels of sea is caused because of the gravitational forces that exerts from Moon and Sun as well as the rotation of the Earth are known as the tides. They are the vertical movement of water in the sea, river, ocean etc. There are some seashores, which experience two high, and low tides in 24-hour period. When the tide rises, it is known as flooding and it is called as ebbing when the tide is falling. It is known as slack when there is no horizontal or vertical movement. As it totally depends on the gravitational pull between the moon and sun on the earth’s atmosphere, one needs to pay attention on the phases of moon to understand tides much better.
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I personally from the beginning itself am very interested in fishing and I have heard a lot about the Mumbai port for its fishing. This exploration gives me the opportunity to satiate my thirst to understand the topic as well as the appropriate time for fishing and engage with the mathematical

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