Shades Of Gentrification In Mumbai Essay

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What do you mean by a slum? A slum is a faulty arrangement of the buildings with lot of issues surrounded by both physical and social. They lack safety's from extreme climate conditions and lack sufficient living space. Access to sanitation, drinking water facilities, proper shelter are major impacts for the children. Half of the population in Mumbai lives in slums or any kind of shanty settlements. Mumbai's leading landlords had built chawls for the poor yet 55% of the population occupy only 7% of the total land available for development. There are a lot of people migrating to Mumbai's rural area and achieving about 500-600 households per two days. Shades of gentrification is being found here in Mumbai. The inner slums has been evicted saying them to build it preferably good for the LIGS and the MIGS but actually in reality people of higher income and rich live here. The above statement shows clear gentrification. The video shows an Indian engineer and an activist Simpreet singh supporting the urban poor to the best in…show more content…
Vila autodromo is basically a fisherman community. It is situated in Rio de jenerio near bara da tijuca. Using the city hall and evicting the residents was the eye of the real estate people. The government here has seem to play with the residents. They are showing their powers against them by using those big events taking place. Here in making over these events takes a lot of sponsoring which costs billions of money but what next? What about the citizens behind who have vacated their place. Ordinary people protesting against this has proved out sports that sport events coexist with the social housing yet government still makes decision for demolishing homes merging with the professionals and planners of the city and even architechts and urbanizers and has created plan forvila Autodromo which included lot of surveys, data collection, mapping and exclusive

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