Mumbling Fool In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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“Mumbling fool”…. I’m the mumbling fool? When Lord Capulet is standing over there, shouting his head off in a long, drawn out soliloquy. Oh good lord! What kind of “father”, not even a father actually, would cast their one and only daughter to the filthy streets of Verona, then let them rot there like unwanted scum. I have cared for her all her life, from the very beginning, it was all me! Not Lord Capulet, not lady Capulet, me! I have served in this household my entire life and I have never- and I do mean never- seen him this out of control, this psychotic! Good golly gracious! Lord Capulet, may he rot in hell for the rest of his life, that devil doesn’t know her like I do! What did Lady Capulet do? Nothing! Her first words…first steps… first everything, I was right by her side, the only one who actually cared. Juliet is an independent, charming young girl; wise beyond her years and all Capulet…show more content…
There must be something I can do to ease the pain. If only we had time! Time to mend Juliet’s shredded heart, but there isn’t. It is sad to say; but she has to stop dwelling on the past, and start thinking about the future. If this continues she’s clearly setting herself up for heartbreak, screw him. Screw Romeo…. Oh I know what will help! Marrying Paris! Oh marry! Marry… marry… marry… Paris is an charismatic, pleasant and well-mannered gentleman right? For goodness sakes, he’s wealthy and holds a title, what more does Juliet want? What more does she need? He’s a man of wax; it is certain Juliet will be treated with care, all the respect she deserves and most importantly she’ll be happy, maybe not as joyful as she was… but Juliet most certainly will be happy! Anyways, after a while, I’m absolutely sure she’ll have forgotten all that has happened between her and Romeo. Besides marrying Paris will undoubtedly end all the chaos, the lord’s anger, my confliction, Juliet’s naivety, I’m only doing the best for my
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