Mumbo Jumbo Character Analysis

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Like the traditional detective fictions, there are many supporting roles in Mumbo Jumbo to help the plot development. In contrast to the sole assistant pattern in traditional detective fictions, there are all together 4 assistants, which includes Berbelang, Earline, Charlotte and Black Herman to help Labas finish his detective mission. Not like the patterned image of traditional detective assistant, every assistants in Mumbo Jumbo have their own distinguish characteristics. Berbelang is the leader of Mu’tafikah, which is an organization of colored people aims to “ship Westerners’ plunder back to where is came from”(Reed, Mumbo Jumbo 15). Berbelang and his gang snatched important pieces of ethnic art from famous Museums around the world and deliver them to the countries of origin. For the Mu’tafikah, the exhibition of the arts from African, Asia, and Amerindian in American and European museums has broken the links of these objects with culture, mysteryand ritual. This break is deliberately done by the Westerners to destroy the fabric of non-Western cultures, and to strike down the cultural-esteem of ethnic people. Labas the detective admire this young fighter, and treated him as son. It hit Labas substantially, when Berbelang decided to quit his job in the Mumbo Jumbo Cathedral. Berbelang triggers Labas’ s unsure of himself, and contribute a lot to Labas’ improvement. And Berbelang’s sudden death caused by Biff Musclewhite, an avaricious member of Wall Flower Order and the
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