Mumia ABU-Jamal: Chapter Summary

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I read the book Mumia ABU-Jamal Live From Death Row. This book has 3 parts.i know will talking about every part in the book. Mumia ABU-Jamal is writing this book from a State Correctional Institute at Huntington,PA.Now we are going to start talking about the book. The first part is about life on death row.We are hearing the story through the eyes of a prisoner named Mumia ABU-Jamal. He says that all the Death Rows have one goal human storage in an austere world in which condemned prisoners. Life in death row is horrible for Mumia ABU-Jamal because he doesn’t get any education in his prison. He says that visits are the worst because you have to be stripped. Several prisoners have protested in the visit strip they say there is no reason
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