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The Mummy portrait of Tekosis, a Roman tempera painting currently residing in the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, is most likely from Assyut, Egypt, or in a surrounding area created ca. AD 200-180. Tekosis was the daughter of Harunis. She appears to be a girl of 11 or 12 of age who died before she was married. Due to the culture and traditions of that time, the Mummy portrait of Tekosis was well-crafted to depict a young girl who was lost to the world before she could fulfill her duties in Roman society. The painting is in seemingly well condition, although a thick cloth has been placed over it, because too much exposure to light will be destructive to the wood and natural pigments used in the portrait, ultimately…show more content…
The artist may have painted using natural pigments such as ochre and maybe even charcoal. Looking closer at the portrait, we can see that the artist paid a significant amount of attention to detail. Even the curls in her hair are perfectly depicted. Her facial features are accurately depicted. Some shadows are even cast across her face, mainly around her nose. The artist was going for a more realistic and naturalistic depiction of this young woman. There is not anything that seems out of the ordinary or non-human. She has an average shape and proportion to her. Though it is not perfect, there is also a sense of symmetry within the painting, but if cut in half neither side is identical to the other. Tekosis is almost perfectly symmetrical and the two images either side of her are in the same general locations, but not exact. The artist may have wanted to create a sense of balance to the portrait, but it is still asymmetrical.
Overall, the Mummy portrait of Tekosis is a well-crafted piece of art. It was clearly created to remember her. She was never given the chance to fulfill the expectations given to the girls of that time, so she was immortalized in the form of a painting to forever serve the art history community. It is miraculous that this painting, being as sensitive as it is, has been preserved for as long as it has. Tekosis is a prime example of how a Roman girl from this era may have

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