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Brief History of Mumps and who can Be Affected Mumps have been around for a thousand years, since the 5th Century BCE, Hippocrates an ancient Physician from Greece was the first to administer and describe the symptoms of mumps as a virus infection that usually affects children. This disease spread rapidly through direct contact with people that are also infected and this virus spread even more in respiratory droplets or airborne transmission (Dworkin, 2010). Mumps is said to be discovered by Ernest William Goodpasture and Claude Johnson during 1934, based on their critical analysis, they have further proven that mumps is a virus. This discovery was further enhanced by the German Biologist, John Enders and American biologist Karl Habel, who…show more content…
Although there are parts of mumps, such as the tonsillar areas and the ear that are beyond their control and expertise, but usually cured and diagnosed by a Laryngology and other related specialists (Delong & Burkhart, 2013). Dentist highly required patients and the public to keep their mouth and teeth as clean, and as healthy as possible to prevent any further complications and viruses. For instance, the regular brushing and flossing habit can prevent certain bacteria, plagues and germs not to remain on the teeth for a longer period of time. But if this basic hygiene is not properly implemented or treated, the gum, teeth and tissues can weaken that can lead to different oral health…show more content…
In simple word, if the virus and all these processes will transfer from person to person who breathed or inhaled the virus, this virus will easily replicate itself in the upper respiratory tract that starts the mumps or swelling according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention

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