Muna Ali's Relation Between Ethics And Religion

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The prince of Arab poet, Ahmad once said that “Nations are nothing but their ethics; once their ethics lost, nations are no longer.” This quote states and observes our contemporary world. As all dictionaries stated that ethics is a moral principal that govern a person’s behavior or the conducting of an activity (2014). 1.1 Linking Ethics to Religion: According to Muna Ali, ethics is a process, which leads for moral decision-making. The relation between ethics and religion is that it gives a moral guidance for individuals. The contribution of Islam is perfect and expands the ethics of an individual (2014). The virtues and manners in Islam is part of our ‘fitrah’ (nature) and are the first social skills that parents teach for their children. When socializing with good manners it reflects the person good social behavior. In 2014 Ali verifies that, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said once that “… the best of you before Islam will be the best of you in Islam if they understand religion”(2014). 1.2 Muslim Character: A good manner of an individual social relation is important to maintain good relations and practice the religion of Islam. Islam emphasizes on kindness to the parents, neighbors, spouses as well as honesty, mercy, smiling, no backbiting, no curse or ridicule, to be generous and friendly. As mentioned in the Holy Quran “Be Kind, as Allah has been kind to you.” (Al-Qasas 28:77). The lack of manners in our daily life interactions takes us away from

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