Munchy's Case Study

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1.0 Munchy’s Background Munchy’s company have becoming one of the successful Malaysia’s business with over 60 countries area of exporting, delivering the best of home-grown biscuits and wafers. The brand name ‘Munchy’s’ was derived from Chinese word ‘Mai Qi’ which means flour and magical quality respectively. The brand name only launched in 1993 replacing Original Equipment Manufacturer. Munchy’s started in 1991 and owned by five brothers from the Tan family whom lived in Johor. Initially, the business was started with only two of the brothers. They were influenced by the skills that their father had, who owned a biscuit factory at that time. And so, they finished their free times helping out their father with making and packaging the biscuits. Living with an entrepreneurial environment, the brothers seeks financial support from their fathers to open up their own biscuits company. Hence, their journey started off with an amount of RM80, 000, which is used up to bought a second- hand wafer- stick machine. Since then, the business started to grow significantly well that Munchy’s had been receiving several recognitions including Super Brands Status and Most Promising Brand of the Year. 2.0 Munchy’s Vision and Mission Munchy’s mission is to ‘to provide cheeky, fun, tasty and affordable biscuits and snacks for everybody around the world’. On the other side, its vision is ‘to be in the leading position in every country that it is competing in’. Nonetheless, Munchy’s keeps on

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