Muniba Mazari Case Study

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REVIEW : This is one of the best conversation with Muniba Mazari. There are the people who have dedicated their lives in service of others and they care about other people’s needs more than their own. These are the people who work for other people’s benefits all their lives and work more than others are capable of doing. When a person experiences with some devastating accident, it veers that person on a path, where the life can travel to the utmost good or to extreme worst. These accidents take individuals on a constructive path or a destructive journey. Either way, it also brings out the true personality of a person that can be extremely beneficial to others or can be harmful to others as well as for themselves. Muniba Mazari, a 27 years old girl is one of those girls, who was involved in such an accident. Muniba Mazari is of Baloch background.In 2007, Muniba met with an accident when she was en route to her hometown, Rahim Yar Khan, her car fell into the ditch that accident made her paraplegic for the entire life. As an artist, her first art teacher was her father. She has received Bachelor 's degree in Fine art.She has also established her brand, known as Muniba’s Canvas. Muniba Mazari…show more content…
This horrible accident brought the best out of Muniba. She rose to the top with extreme energy and positive attitude that started to affect her surroundings and people around her in positive way. Often the inner darkness or the inner beauty shines through a person. The inner beauty of Muniba Mazari shone through her personality and enlightened her surroundings. Her attitude forced other people to be attracted towards her, not only because of her personality but her positive thoughts and attitude.The dedication to work for other people’s benefits, the perseverance and passion to help the less unfortunate people became the goal of Muniba’s

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