Analytical Analysis Of The Film Munich

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The movie Munich follows the events that took place during the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany. The PLO murdered 11 Israeli athletes because of the ongoing political unrest between Palestinians and Israelis. The movie suggests that when sport is used as a catalyst to make political statements the outcome will always be negative, worsening the situation or in the case of Munich - death. After evaluating multiple sources and events it is clearly suggested that when using sport as a platform to make political statements, the outcome will be that of a positive change and therefore bettering the situation and feelings of unrest that existed in many cases.

In 1948 - 1994 South Africa was in a politically unstable situation, its main issue being
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Individuals from all over the world used the games of that year to express their dissatisfaction and resentful feelings toward China’s human rights record as well as its policies in Tibet (Source 3). The games were used as a stage to extend peoples forms of boycotts from internet and rather to a more tangible form of protest, individuals encouraged people to boycott the opening ceremony (Source 3). The governments participation in the games is vital, as they provide the financial support that the athletes need in order to compete as well as with their training (Source 3) , which is why they called only the opening ceremony to be boycotted (Source 3). People acknowledge that the relationship between sport and politics is crucial for financial reasons as it brings in a significant amount of money to participants and the country itself from media and television coverage, but the games are also crucial as they socially brings about an atmosphere of unity and support: for these reasons the relationship has the opportunity to have a positive result (Source…show more content…
The PLO used the games of that year to express their anger towards Israel for incarcerating 243 Palestinian criminals (Source 1). The PLO members brutally murdered 11 Israeli athletes to avenge themselves (Source 1). This event and massacre illustrates that when sport and politics come together, the outcome may be disastrous and blood shed is a possibility as political unrest is deeply intrenched into people and therefor enables them to act in an inhumane manner.

In conclusion it is clear that in more cases than not, when sport and events involving sport, are used as a catalyst to make political statements the outcome is positive, and brings about a meaningful change which is the reason behind most people’s protests and boycotts. After the evaluation of sources it is obvious that the outcome is positive, with the exception of very few cases like the 1972 Olympic Massacre, as portrayed in the film
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