Munich Putch And How Did It Affect Hitler's Rise To Power

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Topic: What happened at the Munich Putsch and how did it affect Hitler’s rise to power?
On the morning of the 9th of November 1923, the Nazis attempted to seize power of Germany through a putsch. This essay will analyze what triggered Hitler to attempt a putsch, why he thought that the putsch would succeed and what role the events of the evening in the Beer Hall impacted it. I will narrate how the coup happened and what its effects and consequences were for the Nazi party. I will explain why I think that the putsch itself failed, but successfully, if indirectly played a part in how the Nazis rose to power.

In 1923, Stresemann called off the passive resistance in the Ruhr and agreed that Germany would start paying the reparation fees again. Many right-winged enemies of the Weimar Republic felt betrayed, humiliated and wounded in their pride. Their …show more content…

The judges were chaired by Georg Neithardt, who had been a judge of Hitler at another incident before. Except for Neithardt, who tended to be lenient towards right-wing defendants who claimed to have acted out of sincere, patriotic reasons, the judges were pro-Nazi. At the trial, Hitler got a chance to broadcast his views, as every word he spoke was being published. He claimed to have acted out of selfless devotion and for the good of the people and took all responsibility for the coup. Explaining his reasons, he declared that the government was treacherous for signing the Treaty of Versailles, which many Germans agreed on, and explained that the clear communist threat in Germany had to be eliminated. The judges were impressed and sentenced him to serve five years in a minimum security prison and a 500Reichsmark fine. This verdict was criticized by many newspapers afterwards. Hitler spent his sentence in a comparably pleasant prison in which he was allowed communication with the outside. However, he ended up being released after 9 month for good

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