Municipal Waste In The Environment

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Introduction It is reported that municipal waste was estimated to 1.3 billion tonnes per year being generated from approximately 3 billion urban residents. Ten years ago 2.9 billion residents generated .68 billion tonnes per year. It is projected in 2025 urban residents will increase to 4.3 billion generating 2.2 billion tonnes per year of municipal waste (World Bank). Municipal waste being garbage from consumers (Environmental Protection Agency) only, does not depict the extent of damage solid waste has on the environment . Mankind’s downward spiral into oblivion through irresponsible solid waste disposal practices is evident through the consequences of land pollution, water pollution and air pollution. From the King of Pop Michael Jackson,…show more content…
In developing countries such as Trinidad and Tobago it is a common practice to dispose of garbage in the easiest way, by dumping. This act of dumping introduces harmful elements to our water supply and as a result fosters diseases such as the Shigella bacteria and carrier vectors such as mosquitoes which infects humans with malaria and dengue. Dengue, according to an article printed on the express newspaper (2014) which quotes the local minister of health Dr Fuad Khan that was “a 36 per cent increase in dengue infections for 2014”. The previous year saw a total of seven people in Trinidad and Tobago dead as a result of dengue fever. Water pollution also threatens mankind in a more direct way by mean of flooding. Flooding, according to the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management of Trinidad and Tobago (ODPM, 2015) is caused when “Oftentimes, garbage that is not properly disposed enters into drainage systems and clogs drains.” The result of flooding is always negative as water damage can scale from property damage to loss of life. The scale and sheer devastation during and at the aftermath of flooding can catch the very protective services tasked with tackling…show more content…
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