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This was a first Ethos for me in the Abilene Christian University. In addition, it was also the first time for me to perform in the stage. My friend suggested me to join the Latin group at first, he promised me that it would be fun. Then the Mundo Candela group started to practice at September 24. In order to give the best show to audiences, I needed to practice twice a week before the final show. There were a lot of people in the Mundo Candela at first, and most of them had learnt the Latin dance before. For that reason, my group leaders paid more attention to me at the beginning, showed me many skillful steps and shared me their personal experiences. In addition, my leaders always emphasized that the most important thing was having fun when we were dancing. This was also the right attitude for attending the Ethnos. Nevertheless, I was still nervous and excited before the final show. While this emotion disappear very quickly after the moment when I leave the stage, only peaceful and joyful feeling left in my heart. I was very happy that I could have a chance to join the Mundo Candela, which brought me many challenges, practices as…show more content…
Unlike the Latin group, which already attended Ethnos twice, the Chinese Culture group was a new group in the Ethnos. Four of our members were the first time to perform in the Ethnos. Hence, I worried more about our Chinese group. After few practices, we still existed many problems, and these problems were not solved until the last day before the final show. Fortunately, we achieved our expectation at last. Similarly, we also stressed the positive attitude and the happiness feeling instead of considering too much. Maybe I will continue join the Ethnos next year, because Ethnos is an interesting activity for me, which can balance my entertainment study life. Thanks for holding this show and giving students chances to participate

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