Murder And Madness: A Case Study Of Ja Fox And J Levin

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In this book JA Fox and J Levin explore the tendencies of a mass murderer and review the psychological and mental imbalances that impute these tendencies. The authors utilise data and information gained through the questioning of experts in their particular fields and use these materials about the case to conclude the trigger behind these murders. It is made evident that this occurs as a result of his issues, particularly pertaining to childhood, where he developed a deteriorated psychological state of mind. Experts claim the issues that murderers experience in their childhood, such as; bullying and assault, initiates a sense of insanity, which brings forward the ideas of murder to take revenge and feel rectified. Although there is some validity to this information, not necessarily all criminals arise from the same stem. In saying so the information provided is significant as it communicates the scientific explanation as to causation of criminal activities and allows us to view in the perspective of various criminals. It studies a large proportion of science behind murder is crucial to further understand the mind of criminals.

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Murder and madness: a case study of the criminogenesis and psychodynamics of a dual murder. International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology, Vol.55(5), pp.799-815

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