Murder By Trauma In Truman Capote's In Cold Blood

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Murder by Trauma In cold blood is a nonfiction novel that was written by Truman Capote to narrate the murders of the Clutter family, though it was about the murders of a family, the people around them were affected though not physically, complete and psychologically. Capote's novel annotates the mental strain that the citizens of Holcomb experienced after the killings of the Clutter family. In past 30 years imprisonment and execution have reached a large peak in obsession among the Citizens of the United States public.Thusly the general public becomes numb to violence, murder, manslaughter, etc. That being said, The documentation about the prisoner condition suggests that the strongest barricades are not the cells and fences and walls between prison and outside world; the strongest barricades are the mental walls between the obligations of everyday life.(ch1). These mental barriers are heavily exposed and clearly seen in Capote’s…show more content…
He doesn’t really want to accept his explanations. The first theory includes thoughtful planning, thinking it is the idea that it separates people in his community from animals and being completely psychotic. The next depicts two people being at the same level of homicidal berserk to go so far as a murder. Agent Dewey finds it hard to wrap his head around how two people could reach this same degree of rage. Agent Dewey's concepts exclude each other, he does not want to believe them at all. He wants to believe that a dangerous, mentally ill and disturbed man committed these atrocities in cold blood. With the change up in the events, Truman Capote is forced to venture deeper into the rabbit hole that is the US citizen psyche. Capote was in person, present when the murderers were brought back to Kansas for their trial. Capote describes it in detail as he describes the onlookers, "the crowd fell silent at the sight of them as if they were surprised to see them humanly
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