Murder In Jack The Ripper

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Murder. The unlawful premeditated killing of one human by another. Jack the Ripper is a serial killer phenomenon that has stunned everyone since his first attack. With a target of prostitutes and a habit of eating organs, he has amazed everyone with the reasoning for his job. The mystery behind the gruesome, cannibalistic murders from Jack the Ripper can be summed up by two suspects: Aaron Kominski and Severin Klosowski. Jack the Ripper has left a mystery since his first horrific murder; the information that has been gathered helps narrow him down to specific suspects. In the time between August and November of 1888, in Whitechapel, 5 prostitutes were mutilated by a knife (“The Hunt”). The women who were known to be killed by him are Annie…show more content…
Firstly, the Ripper must have had a regular job and no family responsibility. One of Klosowski’s ex wives claims, “he was in the habit of staying out into the early hours of the morning” (“George Chapman”). Klosowski has a high sexual drive with no respect for women (“George Chapman”). He shares this trait with the Jack the Ripper identity. Klosowski has had very agressive altercations with his past relationships. According to the Daily Chronicle, a newspaper which covers this story, claims, “Klosowski deliberately told her that he had meant to cut her head off” (“George Chapman”). His location gave him an easy way to commit murders and go unseen. One of the victims was murdered a few feet from Klosowski’s job (“George Chapman”). Also, there was a similar murder as done by Jack the Ripper in London. But, when Klosowski moved away, they suddenly stopped. (“George Chapman”. Lastly, Klosowki killed multiple women after the Jack the Ripper murders stopped, but he did it by poison (“George Chapman”). This shows he can murder without remorce. Klosowski has a great amount of evidence linking him to these…show more content…
In 1881, Kominski and his family moved to a part of the Whitechapel section (Klein). He shows a very strong hatred for women and likelyhood to murder (“The Hunt”). He shows this by assaulting his sister with a knife. This is why he was sent to an asylum (Klein). This already proves that he is capable of harming women. Next, Dr. Louhelainen, a forensic geneticist at Liverpool John Moores University claims he “found the mitochondrial DNA taken from the shawl at the crime scene matched a direct descendent of Eddowes and a decendent of Kominski’s sister” (Klein). They have direct evidence linking him to the murder. Also, Jack the Ripper had a blood trail leadind to a wall where he wrote “the Jewes are not men to be blamed for nothing” (Harrison and Hall). Kominski is Jewish, so there is a possibility this act is out of anger for his people. Doctors in the asylum belived other Jews knew he was the killer but did not speak up because they did not want to harm another Jew (“The Hunt”). There have been other situations like this. Someone saw Kominski assault a woman as Jack the Ripper but refused to testify (Klein). There is clearly evidence linking Aaron Kominski as the phychotic murderer. Overall, Severin Klosowski and Aaron Kominski are leading suspects in the mysery Jack the Ripper has left. Klosowski matches the profile of a serial killer and has been charged with multiple murders. Although, Kominski

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