Murder In Julius Caesar's Jealousy

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Murder is the unlawful planned out killing of one human being by another, which in society is seen as an action that is morally incorrect and should not be done; yet can this act under any circumstance ever be justified? In the Shakespearean play, Julius Caesar, a group of conspirators are against Caesar's rise in power and popularity, so they assassinate him to prevent Cesar from ascending greatly in power and becoming a tyrant. Even though the conspirators had the “good of Rome” in their intentions, Caesar's murder was not justified. Caesar was murdered under the pretext that he was gaining too much support and would eventually become a danger, and his “ambitious” behavior. Therefore, Caesar was murdered out of jealousy, morally incorrect …show more content…

Cassius influenced Brutus to conspire against Caesar by stating, Caesar “is now become a god… and his name has been sounded more than [Brutus’s]” (Act 1, Scene 2, Line 118-145-6). Cassius’s arguments convinced Brutus in proving Caesar's murder would be just, but Caesar’s death is unjust because he is being murdered out of Brutus and Cassius’s jealousy. Both of the individuals are envious of the power that Caesar is being given by the people of Rome and want to end his life before they will lose their own power in the senate after Caesar becomes king. Brutus’ naive mind was easily convinced by Cassius that Caesar was not the best choice to assume the Roman throne because he would not listen to their political thoughts. Individuals, such as Cassius and Brutus, in the senate were afraid of having their power decreased because Caesar, as Brutus states, is an “unhatched serpent’s egg” (Act 2, Scene 1, Line 33). Caesar has the potential of becoming a danger in the senate members point of view due to the fact that Caesar is gaining all the glory from the Plebeians and being compared to a god. Many of the Plebeians do not respect or think highly of the senate members as in Act 1, Scene 1 the cobbler uses puns and jokes to address Murellus and Flavius. Thus, Caesar was murdered out of fear and jealousy and not his rising power and therefore making his murder not …show more content…

Caesar had his flaws, but he was only human. Caesar was seen as a serpent who was ready to strike and create a society that revolved around himself and would keep him at the top. On the contrary, even though the conspirators claim to have had the best intentions of Rome in their conscious and actions when assassinating Caesar, Rome still plunged itself into a civil war that disrupted the peace in the nation. Therefore, was Caesar a menace to society even though he led Rome to victory over Pompey, brought peace and created a sense of nationalism in Rome, and enforced the laws strictly in the case of Metellus Cimber in Act 3, Scene

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