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Murder Murderer This teacher is a murderous hot head. It also happens to fit her because she is a redhead. She has been a teacher for 23 years and the annoying children are starting to drive her crazy. The kids and other staff members are starting to notice the difference in her. She started to yell at people for nothing, as if they did something horribly wrong. She would also start to twitch when there was the faintest noises and then act weird and then tried to find out where the sound came from. Although no one would mention it to her because she would most likely get very mad at who ever told her. She likes to wear skirts, old women hats and high heels ( 3 in.) She is 47 years old. This teacher has two sons that are teenagers and…show more content…
Minutes after that the police showed up and asked her what happened. She told them that her husband swerved so hard to dodge the other vehicle that she flew out of the vehicle. They believed her, so they let her go. She noticed that she actually liked to kill. She went home, but she couldn 't tell the kids so she told them that their dad had to go on a business trip. (which totally could have been true because he works for Google) The kids were upset because he didn 't say goodbye. Though the boys knew better than that so after their sister went to sleep they went and asked where their dad really was. She told them the same thing again, so they left her…show more content…
When the kids got home they looked so sad, but they still went to their rooms and got ready for the football game. Then they left after eating around 6:00p.m. When they showed up the kids were surrounded by their friends. The kids ended up running away with their friends to the seats leaving the mother alone. The mother watched the game far away from the kids. During halftime the mother texted the son, "meet her by the concession stand," he responded, Okay." When they met up she told him, " don 't know who would kill your brother, I 'm sorry." He responded, " I really don 't want to talk about it." The mom told him, " okay that is fine." then the mother said, " forgive me," then she slit his throat with the same knife that she kill the other son with then she wiped the blood off the knife on his shirt. She turned and there was somebody right in front and they were calling 911. She tried to chase and catch the person, but she

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