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Approximately 20 participants tested their luck and took on the responsibility of detectives to solve the mystery of whom murdered the pub owner of Shakin’ Shamrock at the Morale, Welfare & Recreation and library-sponsored event, March 19, at U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
“It is a partnered event among MWR and the library, where we have an evening of dinner as well as the mystery game,” said Sarah Kadis, program coordinator for MWR Liberty Center. “MWR brought the mystery game to GTMO for Troopers to enjoy something that is popular back in the states.”
The murder mystery is unique in that it is open to everyone on NAVSTA over 21 years of age, said Kadis.
There is a 20 person limit to attend the event because of the size of the
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Roumell, director of the library. “Some people come in groups, but it is nice to see people get to know one another through the course of the game.”
I actually heard a lot about this but they are hard to get into, said Coast Guard Petty Officer 2nd Class Julia Skrabacz, an administrative petty officer with Maritime Security Detachment.
Upon arrival, participants are assigned a character, said Roumell. The person could be the murderer and not know until the end of the game.
For most, this was the first time participating in a murder mystery dinner event, making it a unique experience for Troopers.
Air Force 1st Lt. Annie J. Reininger, officer-in-charge at the Joint Personnel Center, said she had never participated in a murder mystery dinner before and thought it was an interesting experience interacting with friends and others around the base that she had not yet met.
“I was Kathleen, the owner of the pub,” said Reininger. “My character was kind of abrasive, didn’t have a filter, and just said the first thing that came to her mind. She was mean to everyone and everyone hated her, which just made it more
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