Murder On Sunday Morning Analysis

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In the book, “Monster” by: Walter Dean Myers and the documentary “Murder on Sunday Morning” both present similar cases and storylines. They both bring the topic of racism,and injustice together. Yet they approach the topics in different ways. While they have many differences, they also have similarities. In Monster the story follows the process that sixteen year old Steve is facing when he is accused of assisting in a robbery turned murder. In “Murder on Sunday Morning” the documentary follows the trials of Brenton, a fifteen year old who is being charged for first degree murder and robbery. In both trials Brenton and Steve were treated unjustly by law enforcement. Brenton claimed he was hit by a detective, while Steve was overhearing security bet over his trial. In Steve’s…show more content…
He went on stand and when asked about where he was, or what he was doing he gave clear answers.Meanwhile, in Monster Steve never stated whether or not he was innocent. When Steve was on stand he answered most questions with “I don’t remember or I don’t know. I found it odd,but the author left Steve’s innocence up to the reader as if they were the jury, taking all the evidence. Brenton’s lawyers also strongly believed he was innocent while Steve’s lawyer didn’t believe he was innocent “I know she (Ms.O’Brien) thinks I’m guilty”-Steve Pg(138). Even though both of the stories had different opinions of their innocence neither of the accused gave up. In the end although both the book and documentary are different they also share some similarities. They clearly went over the topics of racism and injustice in their own unique way. In Monster by using flashbacks and testimonies , and in Murder On A Sunday Morning by using evidence and witnesses.The book and the documentary bring to the table new perspectives on the same topics. I think that it is important how all the topics got wrapped up into one storyline and that is exactly what they both
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