Murder She Bawk Interview Analysis

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Last year, I had the sublime opportunity to chat with Lisa Durupt, whom I knew from the popular Murder, She Baked Hallmark Movies & Mysteries film series. Little did I know at that time that Lisa would be the first of the recurring members of the cast I would interview (I believe I have now interviewed them all), and she was sweet enough to tolerate a novice interviewer and give thoughtful answers to every question that was posed to her. Now a little more than a year later, I was able to catch up with Lisa and get an amazing update on the massive spike her career has taken in Hallmark and elsewhere. Again, Lisa was kind enough to give conscientious and considerate answers to every question sent her way.

RH: What can we expect from Andrea in the upcoming Murder, She Baked film? Any behind-the-scenes moments you can share from this one?

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It is unusual to cast the same three leads in a Hallmark movie within such a short time.

Well, I can tell you that we were all really excited when we found out we would be part of this project together.

A Dream of Christmas was so much fun with Nikki and Andrew, so this time it was like hearing you were going to camp again with your friends. I stayed with Nikki when I was in LA, I took Andrew to a Vancouver Canucks game with my hubby, and Nikki, Andrew and their spouses are friends back home. Legitimately, we all love to hang out together!

We have some ideas we are throwing around to take to Hallmark that would allow the three of us to keep our professional family together, so we shall keep you posted.

With Nikki DeLoach
Now that you have made another Hallmark film together, what can you tell us about this film? Is it by any chance a sequel to the Christmas movie, or is it a completely different
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