Murders In The Rue Morgue

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The Murders in The Rue Morgue and other tales – Agnes ES13BA A well-known American author named Edgar Allan Poe, who many have heard of, is the author of this book. It 's a collection of short stories, one of them is called 'the Tell-Tale Heart ' and is amongst the more recognized ones. All in all, this book contains nineteen of Poe’s short stories, so I 'm not going to delve into all of them. Of course, the stories were not all published at the same time, but he’d begun writing them at around year 1840, give or take a couple of years. The tales don 't always have the same genre. Sometimes it may be comedy or romance but what I 've read in this book is a lot of dark fiction and horror. 'The Murders in The Rue Morgue ' is more of a detective story and is in fact what…show more content…
Detective C. Auguste Dupin, who 's featured in at least three short stories of Poe, was the first detective in fiction. He 's the character that inspired other famous fictional sleuths such as Sherlock Holmes by sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He lives in Paris and is interested in hieroglyphs. When solving cases, he imagines himself in the shoes of the culprit and understands their way of thinking in order to figure it out. His motives for solving the crimes in all three cases change. Sometimes it 's for personal amusement but other times it 's for the reward it brings. I like some of the stories more than the other ones. I prefer stories like The Black Cat and The Tell-Tale Heart, because both of them follow the narrative of a criminal and the twist of it all makes things more interesting to me. Poe 's stories aren 't full of action, but it 's more about taking your time reading them and thinking hard about what 's been written. The writing is elaborate and a bit complicated. Without a doubt thought-provoking. I think it 's worth a read, but even if you don 't read it, you may stumble upon Poe 's works either way. In my previous class our teacher made us read 'The Black Cat ' during a
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