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The artwork that I have chosen shows two individual faces that is a man and a woman. The painting looks as if the colors are splashed onto it. The background of the artwork is black, so that you could put your focus on the colorful individual’s faces that are in the middle. The male’s face is colored with a hint of white, blue, green, and yellow with red lips. The female’s face is colored with a hint of white, pink, purple, and yellow with red lips. Both of their eyes are closed and they are face to face, barely touching one another. The painting show no body parts of the individuals in the painting, but just the area of their faces where you can see their eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips, and the skin on their face.

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The artwork forms a “New Pop” acrylic painting. Muriano is someone you would call a visual artist. He was born May 27, 1969 in Belfort, France. At an early age, that’s when Muriano discovered when he had a passion for art. He uses equipment and techniques that some artists doesn’t have or use. As Muriano stated in an interview, he said, “I like to mix techniques in my 2012 series “New Pop.” I use inks, watercolor, and acrylic paint. First I project an image onto a canvas with a projector, then I draw with a pencil, then I paint in black and white acrylic colors. And after that I finish black lines with acrylic pen” (“Patrice Muriano Paintings: Delightful “New Pop” Acrylic Series”). He was fascinated by the great masters and reproduced the masterpieces of Velásquez and Rembrandt on oil canvas boards. Muriano also stated that, “Each piece is unique as long as it is the fruit of our imagination. It can be photo, a song, a dream, a poem or just passing by people on the street. For me everything is a source of inspiration” (“Patrice Muriano Paintings: Delightful “New Pop” Acrylic Series”). As of today Patrice Muriano still lives in the south of France, and he exhibits his artwork in New York, Osaka, Los Angeles, and other places of the

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