Murochi Makufu: The Rise And Fall Of Muromachi Japan

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Muromachi makufu has particular characteristics from Kamakura era, even though both are under control Shogun and similar taxation system upon the property of land. The location was a critical factor to keep in check emperor 's power and to hold the right to be Shogun in that time; Muromachi makufu put his loyal members in the main jurisdiction and legislative department as well as the province. Theoretically, it generated a strong collations with Shogun and emperor in politic and relational distance, also created a strong federalism system. However, one big assumption that brought Muromachi Makufu 's fall was the trade from foreign like China throughout Korea. Especially Nagato and Sue province exemplified how Kokujin became the Senkoku daimyo in later era and how Shogo lose their authority and influence.…show more content…
However, in the other hands, it brought big revenue to Kokujin, whoever was able to deceive his Shogo and central government. Even though only central government were able to manage national trade, Kokujin did not give upon this huge benefit, especially if Nagato and Sue province are close to China or Korea peninsula. From this geographical reason, they are the first province to contact this new culture and inventions, so that reduced the interest on these civilization product less than other province, who has fascinated by. This factor prevented the obsession on new culture, but focused on the market and economic situation. Consequently, Kokujin and Shogo 's interest correlation became weaken, due to unequal economic and political influence in their

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