Murrup Barak Experience Camp

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Over the June and July holidays I was fortunate to be able to attend an all-expenses paid trip to visit and experience Melbourne University, as a Melbourne University student. The university holds a five day experience camp. The camp is called Murrup Barak Experience Camp and is for Indigenous year eleven and year twelve students throughout Australia.
The objectives of the Murrup Barak Experience Camp is so year eleven and year twelve students can experience living in a university campus, learn about the courses and subjects open to students and to meet staff members, faculty members and current Indigenous university students. The camp is held by university students and faculty members from Murrup Barak. The camp intends to help students who want to go to University and to make the transition from high school into university life a little bit less daunting.
The university has elven residential colleges in which students live on campus. Fifty one students within Murrup Barak stayed in the Trinity residential college. We were assigned roommates from different states. On the first evening we played get-to-know-each- other- games and once everyone was introduced it didn’t take long for people to make new friends.
While in Melbourne, apart from touring the campus and sitting through lectures and meetings; talking about what we want to
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The state that I live in (Northern Territory) only has one university which made it harder for me to visit universities and to learn about the different courses that are held. Being able to explore Melbourne University has allowed me to think and create a new future for myself in which I can further my studying and just like many other students that attend the Murrup Barak Experience Camp, I hope to attend Melbourne University next
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