Muscle Car History

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Transportation is the movement of people, animals and goods from one location to another. The invention of the car was a revolutionary breakthrough in the history, along with the invention of ships, planes, trains, buses and subways. For over a hundred of years, since the invention of the first car, cars have been manufactured with differences in design, appearance, and performance, all with the intent of improving transportation. This generation, more than ever, demanding manufacturers to keep up with the fast pace of life; to get more knowledge of cars, such as muscle, hybrid, and electric cars, one should further look into the history and progressions that have been made thus far with the three types of models. The electric car has made…show more content…
The muscle car may be recognized by people for its bulky body frame and high automotive power. The flip out headlights were very attractive to customers when they became a part of the cars design, a design that was used on many other car models. Having such a manly style to it the muscle car was originally designed to appeal to the male crowd. Even though muscle cars are called American Muscle, Australia created their very own version of a muscle car that ultimately turned out to be a big hit (“Three Interesting Muscle Car Facts Most People Don 't Know.”). According to car enthusiasts, the 1949 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 is believed to be the very first Muscle car engineered ("What Is a Muscle Car?”). The middle of the 1960’s put a spotlight on the muscle cars, young drivers seeking the thrill of drag racing or everyday driving would purchase muscle cars. The cars well polished and appealing body frame along with its high-performance attracted buyers, though the popularity of the muscle car lasted for a short period of time. The 1970’s brought about overbearing changes for the muscle car with raised insurance rates and impossible governmental regulations; the muscle car market plummeted greatly over the years due to these factors ("What Is a Muscle Car?”). Nowadays, the muscle car has become a collector item for enthusiast looking for rare models ("What Is a Muscle Car?”). The more outdated…show more content…
The first ever Hybrid car was created in 1900 known as the Lohner-Porsche, a car named after its designer German Ferdinand Porsche (Woodford). It wasn’t until 1997 that the first ever model was officially commercially invented and launched in Japan becoming a best-seller. From there engineers began producing models powered by gasoline and batteries, using less gasoline, all the while raising the fuel economy (Nakaya). Though the car does let out less emission, this factor raises prices by about twenty to thirty percent higher than gasoline cars and lowered performance rates. In more recent times, the year 2013 brought about the car company Toyota’s decision to sell more than five million hybrids all over the world, the US selling two million itself. In 2015, Toyota hybrid cars sold more than eight million cars worldwide. In 2015, The US Energy Information Administration predicted that two percent of car existing will be entirely electric or plug-in hybrids, while five percent will be
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