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Natural remedies to overcome muscle cramps
Muscle cramps are strong, painful contractions or inflammation of muscles that suddenly occurs and lasts for a few seconds to several minutes. It often occurs on your legs, especially on your calf muscles. A leg cramp often tends to awake you from sleep in the middle of the night or occur when you are doing some heavy physical activity.
What causes muscle cramps?
Leg cramps are caused due to many conditions ranging from dehydration to something more serious like a kidney disease. Some major reasons are;
• Abnormal nerve activity during your sleep
• Excessive strain on calf muscles due to heavy exercise or sudden muscle contraction.
• Loss of blood to the muscle areas due to various sleeping positions.
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• Helps in hydrating the muscle cells and helps them stay healthy.
3. Apple cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is also a potassium supplement. It helps in quick relief from cramps, if it is due to the potassium deficiency. It can be used in the following ways;
• A vinegar wrap: Athletes and people with severe muscle cramp issues can soak a dry cloth in strong vinegar solution and wrap it around the cramped muscle. This will help in soothing the muscle and thereby eases the cramp.
• Vinegar drink: Add 2 teaspoons of vinegar to a large glass of water and drink the content before going for some rough physical exercise.
4. Reflexology and acupuncture therapy
Reflexology, also called as massage will help in easing the cramp once it has started. Simply stretch out the cramped leg and start massaging the calves or the cramped portion of muscles slowly. Massage with long upward strokes, starting from your heel to the back of your knee. You can also make use of mustard oil for a massage.
Sit and bend the knee of your cramped leg, bringing your leg up toward the chest. There is an acupressure point in your calf muscle on the back of your leg. It is located about halfway between the back of your knee and your heel, right at the bottom of your calf muscle bulge. Press and hold the point for 1 minute or until you feel the cramp easing

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