Muscle Fatigue Analysis

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Journal Citation in APA format (see reference manual if necessary) Enoka, R. M., & Duchateau, J. (2008). Muscle fatigue: what, why and how it influences muscle function. The Journal of Physiology, 586(Pt 1), 11–23. doi:10.1113/jphysiol.2007.139477 Where You found the journal CSP Library Databases: PubMed Typed in Physiological factors of muscle fatigue #10 result Summary of introduction There is a great deal of information about fatigue and how it’s caused by many different processes. These process range from metabolites within the muscle fiber or could because by deficient motor command in the motor cortex, there is no one specific cause of fatigue. Its cause is based on how the muscle is being used. Muscle fatigue is defined as…show more content…
The primary purpose of the study was to use MRI to failing of mental fatigue and blood oxygen level dependent brain responses and responses during mentally cognitive tasks. Using this analysis this study focused on exercise induced muscle fatigue. The methodology for this study based on a comparison of previous studies. The questions that arise out of the comparative studies are older adults more fatigable than younger adults? Are women less fatigable then men, can the nervous system sustain an adequate activation of muscle during fatiguing contractions and are there differences between muscles? The first test of age related fatigue ability the subjects had an average age of 30 for the young subjects and 77 for the older subjects. The test was to measure the fatigue ability of the Dorsi flex muscle through shortening and lengthening contractions. The subject perform five sets of 30 maximal contractions at a rate of one contraction every 3.5 seconds. With one minute between sets. The next test was a measurement of maximum anisometric contractions with the elbow flexor muscle. The average age of the older man was 71 years of age compared to the younger man at 21 years of age. The goal was to sustain net muscle torque at 20% of max voluntary
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