Muscle Sore Research Paper

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We all know that a day after a brutal workout can leave us with sore muscles. Lifting heavy weights, running too much or having an intense cardio workout, all these can damage our muscles and make us feel bad. As such, in the following lines we will present you some of the best solutions for sore muscles which can help you relieve pain and make you feel much better. Massage your muscles Usually, when you experience sore muscles, you think about having a massage. Actually, nothing can be more pleasant than having a good massage which can help you get rid of any pain. Whether you are using a massage chair or you are looking for a massage therapist, you need to know that each one of these options will provide a lot of health benefits. For example, you can buy…show more content…
Saunas make you feel good and help your workout recovery. Most people are using saunas and hot tubs for muscle soreness due to their heat which increases blood flow to the muscles and help sore muscles feel better temporarily. However, both saunas and hot tubs will make you feel better during of immediately after your workout, but they won 't decrease the intensity or duration of muscle soreness the next day. Try creatine Have you ever thought about using creatine for sore muscles? Nowadays, most athletes are using creatine to get rid of sore muscles. Cretine is an amino acid which help lessen the pain and duration of muscle soreness from an intense workout. Moreover, creatine is used to fill your body with energy which is available for building and repairing those toned biceps you have been working on. Opt for a foam rolling One of the most efficient solutions for sore muscles is the foam rolling. As such, if you are thinking about using a foam rolling, you should know that this technique uses pressure and massage to help prevent scarring of the connective tissue between your
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