Muscle Tightness Observation

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I enjoyed going to the Center for Disabilities because it provided me with greater insight to tone and movement that is atypical looking. Feeling the difference between tone and muscle tightness was a great educational experience and the biggest thing I took away from being at the Center for Disabilities. The therapists I worked with were great in allowing me participate in transfers and treatment sessions. They both pointed out things that I would have not noticed on my own and allowed me handle the children in different positions on wedges, mats and therapy balls. Handling the children was what I was most hesitant on. It’s easy to sit in a classroom and learn positioning, but when you get the chance for hands on it’s a little nerve racking.…show more content…
I have yet to understand why this is, however the fact that I realize it about myself I think will make me a better clinician. I felt this way with a young 12-year-old boy who is hyposensitive and needed a lot of sensory input. At first I was a little overwhelmed because He was grabbing my hands a lot and during a sit to stand he tried to grab my neck. This was after he had his hands in his mouth. I composed myself and tried to remember that he was seeking sensory input. With this in mind I ask the therapist if she had ways of calming him down prior to sending him back to the classroom. She told me that he really enjoys when you bang your hands against his chest. It was amazing to see what a few bangs on the chest did for the child. With this same child the therapist asked if I wanted to get him a toy to play with in the closet. I choose a whirly tube from the toy closet, which made a fun sound when you pulled it apart. He loved it the activity. For me it was a great opportunity to see BUE use at midline, because he had to pull the tube apart to hear the noise and feel the vibration, and then push it back together in order to do it
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